Week 3: 'Watch Out!' - A parking signal system

Sept 24th, 2019       Physical Computing

For this project, I collaborated with Kimaya and tried to combine our previous projects together to make something new. We came up with the idea of having a parking signal system to notify drivers when they are backing up their cars. 


The initial thought is using the distance sensor to detect the range of the "car". Once the car is in a certain range, which is relatively closer to the wall, we have a yellow light with a buzzer to notify the driver. When the driver backs up more, the buzzer keeps beeping and the LED turns purple to signal that the car is about to hit the wall. 

Then we decided to change the frequency of the buzzer to different versions. And we tried to incorporate the LCD Display so that when it's close enough, it shows the word 'Watch Out'. 

Second Round Testing : changing buzzer sound 

adding LCD display

Third Round Testing 

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