Week 3 - Adding incentives for service 

Sept 29th, 2019      Service Design

For the service journal this week, I decided to think about the SmartLink Card for Path. They provide the service where people can pay certain amount each month to get unlimited rides in Path, or people can add value to the card (but it’s cheaper than using metrocard from MTA).  However, to get the card, people either have to sign up online and wait for the card to ship to their homes, or they can purchase on the card on a specific machine that is only available in a few path stations. Also, the specific machine only accepts $5 bill and nothing else.


The process of getting the card is way too troublesome for people who don’t transit between stations that have the specific machine, and also has no exact $5 bill on their hands. So my proposal for the incentives are: 


-adding electronic payment function (something like QR code to scan) for different types of users to have more options to pay 

-(if possible) adding more SmartLink selling stations

-associate/collaborate with banks to provide transit plans that has discount if they choose auto enrollment / refill option for certain amount of long (like more than 6 months) 

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