Week 2 - Service in Chobani

Sept 16th, 2019      Service Design

Chobani Soho - the cafe store.


Salient attributes:

-Chobani provides delicious sandwiches, salads, yogurt and drinks. 

-They provide an open space for customers to sit down and enjoy their food. 

-They provide take out service if users are in a rush. 



Service avatar:

The service avatar of Chobani is the products they physically make to sell to clients.


The products include sandwiches, salads, yogurts, drinks. 


Risks inherent in design:

The ingredients they use to make the food can go bad and influence the quality, thus customer’s eating experience. 


The service attitude of the staff in store could influence the quality of the service.


The physical environment (tables and chairs) as well as music, internet service in the store can influence their service too. 


Where it falls in the bipolarized markets:

It falls towards the industrialized markets because Chobani's menu is fixed and pre-designed by the company.


The staff is trained to make the same type of foods and there isn’t much flexibility for clients to customize their food based on what they want. 

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