Week 1 - Service Design Journal

Sept 8th, 2019      Service Design

Below is the list of every service I used on Sept 8th, 2019.



-Opened the Clock app and turned off my alarm (App/Phone)

-Started browsing photos in Instagram (App/Phone)

-Opened WeChat when there’re notifications from top of the screen and started chatting with my parents (App/Phone)

-opened Mail and archived/starred new emails sent to my 5 different email accounts (App/Phone)

-Used GoogleMap and searched for routes to SoHo and Path train schedules (App/Phone)

-Wrote/Typed my tasks and plans for next week on Evernote (App/Laptop)

-Replied text messages through iMessage (App/Phone)




-used the elevator to go downstairs and got packages from the frontdesk doorman in my apt building (in person)

-went to the Grove Street Station and took the Path train to 9th st (in person)

-walked in to LaColombe and ordered coffee (in person)

-opened Camera and took a photo of my coffee, checked my other photos in Photos  (App/Phone)

-Bought lunch to eat in store at Chobani (in person) 

-opened WeChat and replied messages from friends (App/Phone)

-started browsing photos on Instagram (App/Phone)

-went to the apple store and bought an external hard drive (in person) 

-opened laptop and started using Adobe Creative Suites (App/Laptop)

-opened Chrome and checked YouTube video feeds (Website/App/Laptop)

-watched some videos from vloggers I subscribed (Website/App/Laptop)

-opened a new window in Chrome and went to Google Drive to upload a file, then shared the linked to others through Gmail (Website/App/Laptop)

-opened RICEPO and ordered dinner delivery (App/Phone)

-chatted with friends through iMessage and WeChat (App/Phone)

-posted an Instagram story (App/Phone)

-used Evernote and took some notes (App/Laptop)

-opened Uber and requested a cart back home (App/Phone)

-took the Uber car back home (in person)

-asked the doorman to open the front gate of the building and took the elevator upstairs and arrived home (in person) 



-replied messages through WeChat (App/Phone)

-opened Clock and set up an alarm for the next day (App/Phone)

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