Week 5 - Game On

Overview: For my game design project in the Entrepreneurial Design class, I decided to create a game that for people who recently moved to NYC. The community I chose was inspired by people around me also myself. When we first moved to the city, we all want to explore the fun options in NYC, not just touristy spots. So I created this card game, in order to provide a fun way for people to discover places to explore while playing the game.

Community: People who recently moved to NYC.

How it works: The game requires 4 players. Each player will start with 7 cards in their hands, and will take turns to get a new card and throw one card away until they have 8 cards to satisfy all three requirements below to win:

4 cards of different color

2 card have same category

2 cards that are exactly the same

1st round of play testing with classmates:

Feedback from testing:

-It’s too easy to win - (One player won twice within the first 5 mins of 2 rounds testing)

- People are too busy focusing on their own cards and don’t have much interaction between each other

- People find it hard to look at the name and category because of the way they’re holding the card

Making changes:

Based on the feedback, I decided to make some changes to the game.

1. Adding more cards and categories so that people won't create the pair that easily.

2: Move the text to the upper part of the card so that players can see the information they need when holding all the cards together.

3. Adding new cards for players to "disrupt others from winning"

2nd round testing: We invited our friends to the studio for a game night, and we all "swapped friends" so that we have new players for each round!

What worked well:

What I found worked well is that the game and the content on the card sparked people's curiosity and helps them initiates conversation during the game. When someone saw a place that they've never heard of, they started asking others and sparked conversations based on the content in the card. And this is the intention that I had when creating the game: to let people see the fun places and restaurants to explore in the city and create relationship between these players.

What didn't work well:

The math. For the 2nd round of play test, it is still relatively easy for people to win because I added the universal card and steal card. So every time when people has the steal card, they would try to find the person who has the universal card so so that they can win. I need to iterate more on the mechanics of the cards and especially the proportion of opportunity cards and normal cards. What I'm planning to do is to look at current card games and see how the proportions were created by others, and adapt the numbers and proportions for this one.

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