Cold Email

OBJECTIVE Send a cold email to someone you’d like to meet, and set up a meeting with them

OUTCOME I reached out to several product designers via LinkedIn asking about intern opportunities in their companies. A lot of people replied and said they're willing to help, and here's a conversation that I had with one of them.

After reaching out, she agreed to help answer some questions and we scheduled a phone call that week. During our chat, she explained the details regarding the internship opportunity in her team, and agreed to help forwarding my application to the hiring manager. I wrote a thank you email to follow up afterwards, and below is her response.

After a while I received another email from her about the update on the internship:


Although the intern program was cancelled due to COVID 19, I am still really glad that I reached out to someone that I don't know and start building connection with a designer in the industry. I was nervous when I first had the phone call with her, but she was so patient and nice in responding my questions, and even followed up to comfort me when she learned they no longer offer internships and encouraged me. She also provided her personal contact info to me and told me to reach out anytime, and we started chatting afterwards about her work experience and my job hunting journey. It felt really great that this relationship went further and becomes a more personal connection than just professional networking.

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