3 ideas for the $1000 project

1. Toothbrush for kids who doesn't like brushing teeth

Goal: To help kids build interest

in brushing teeth.

Interaction: Kids will face a mirror with screens displaying a game. They will have a limited time (2mins - suggested brushing time) to complete tasks in the game.


Motion: moving the toothbrush up and down


Characters on screen go up and down following the movement of the toothbrush.

2. Bomb Game for collaboration

Concept: Inspired by our group projects, I wanted to create a fun way for people to collaborate together. Two players must work together to decode the instructions at each level. Only by passing all 8 levels can you successfully defuse the bomb. One wrong move and "explode"

3. Keyboard Sticker souvenir for college graduates

A way for the graduates to have a practical souvenir for them to reminisce their college!

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