Final Project Proposal 

Nov 18th, 2019  Physical Computing


Team members:

Alex, Sophia, Liz (Team BB8) (We’d like to incorporate this coding final with our physical computing class.) 


Main idea: 

An immersive game that requires at least two players working together to complete a specific task. 


Purpose & Problem we are trying to solve:

We are thinking about how people have different styles of communicating and collaborating within teams. How can we eliminate egos when we are working in teams?



There are 2 players. One player has a set of instructions, and the other has access to a physical device. They can move certain components on the device in compliance with the direction from the other player. We plan on using code to generate a new blueprint each time based on a set of directions, and track your movements. 



A 2-player game with a physical device that they can hold in hands.


How do you plan on getting this done? What tools, programming languages, hardware, etc do you need? 

  • Tools: Arduino, motion sensor, P5

  • Programing languages: JavaScript

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