Week 1: Homemade Switch

Sept 8th, 2019       Physical Computing

4S: Stainless Steel Soap Switch

When we're asked to make a homemade switch, the first thing came to my mind is the new stainless steel soap I purchased, and I decided to go for it using my new toy!


Originally, I was planning to create a switch that has light turned on when the bar is not on the plastic holder (to signify people that the bar is not in place), and have it turned off when the bar is properly placed on the holder.

I tried thinking about how I proceed, but I don't want to risk using short circuits to create what I want. So I choose to create the image above instead. And I'll keep thinking how to create the other version I originally planned....

The idea is to have wires go through the hole on the plastic holder, and when the stainless steel soap was placed on top of the holder,  it connects the wire thus becoming the switch.

Materials used:

soap & plastic holder, wires, a wire stripper, electronic tape,

CR2032 battery, a green LED.


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