The Sunflower

Nov 1st, 2019       Physical Computing 

The sunflower is an interactive plant that shows its status and emotion by showing different movements and displaying messages on the OLED screen. 

The plant will respond to light and humidity in its surroundings, and send corresponding messages on the screen to "ask for user's help" when the situation is not "ideal for it".  Users can make the plant "happy" by either spraying the right amount of water to its mouth or giving it proper amount of light.  


Our inspiration is the sunflower's characteristics. We wanted to create an interactive object that follows where the light is and prompt users to play with it.


We also want the plant to speak and express its motions more directly to the user in an interesting way that can not be seen in a real plant. Therefore, we decided to add servo motor and OLED screen to make the plant more alive.




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